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About us

Innovative Zadar Ltd. was founded by the City of Zadar in 2003. entitled Business Incubator Ltd. Zadar, with the primary objective of encouraging and development of SMEs (small and medium businesses) in the City of Zadar. 

The idea has been providing business and technical services with favorable lease office space to facilitate the start of entrepreneurs.

At 2007. at commercial zone of New Bokanjac business Incubator building was completed with over 1200 m² of usable area

At the end of 2014., the new company's management began the process of transforming its business. The company changed its name to Inovativni Zadar d.o.o. and, in addition to its existing activities, registered for a wide range of activities mainly related to information and communication technologies (ICT). The idea was that, in addition to supporting small and medium-sized businesses, the company would be the driver of coordinated and integrated development of ICT services and infrastructure for the needs of local administration.

The interest of entrepreneurs in using the services of the InZad incubator has consistently exceeded the capacity of the existing incubator in Novi Bokanjac in recent years. Therefore, we have decided to construct and equip a new building for the entrepreneurial incubator, which is expected to welcome its first users at the beginning od 2024.

At the new location in Bili Brig, on a total gross area of approximately 2000 m2, there will be business spaces for at least 20 new companies. Additionally, there will be a conference hall for 100 attendees, a coworking space, meeting rooms, a bistro as well as lounge and communication areas.

In addition to all the aforementioned activities, Inovativni Zadar is also the leader and organizer of the development of the Crno Economic Zone, one of the largest business zones in Croatia, spanning 400 hectares. In addition to providing advisory support to investors, Inovativni Zadar is responsible for the sale and promotion of construction land for commercial purposes.

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About us

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