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Zadar Urban Mobility 4.0

Zadar Urban Mobility 4.0

Through the project with work title Development of the Concept of the Smart City, it is intended to launch a series of smaller projects from the sphere of the intelligent transport system in the area of ​​the City of Zadar, which correlate and converge with each other, and use a common basic ICT infrastructure, developed by the City of Zadar in the previous period (eg, its own optical network, WiFi network, server capacities etc.) and intends to further develop this project.

The project consists of the following components:

  • Portal and City Card smartphone applications that combine a variety of systems and allow users to pay for a variety of communal services (public transport, taxi, museums, parking etc.) at one place, with a variety of discounts in restaurants, shops, ., Receive information on free parking spaces, traffic jams, air and sea quality, air pollution, etc.
  • Intelligent public transport development (ticketing system, mobile phone application, public transport portal, smart bus station with passenger information system and WiFi system, etc.
  • The Public Lighting Remote Control System, besides creating prerequisites for significant savings in EE's segmental consumption (eg LED lighting and control), enables the transformation of public lighting systems (a large number of pillars above the road) into the underlying infrastructure for the development of a number of other systems supported by traffic and its effectiveness (WiFi communication points, traffic surveillance cameras, traffic management, various sensors, etc.)
  • Additional development of the existing WiFi network as infrastructure for the development of services to citizens (internet access), but also as part of Zadar's basic MAN network (optical network, WiFi bridge ...)
  • Surveillance and management of intersections (cameras, sensors, traffic counters, NOC management options)
  • Surveillance and traffic management at rest (free parking places, parking charge)

The project is highly scalable and allows individual systems to develop to such an extent that they can easily be upgraded as standalone projects in accordance with the needs and funding possibilities. The idea is that the physical infrastructure associated with the project is largely implemented in a particular test area (eg the Peninsula) in order to test its efficiency and to enable its visibility.

Given that the project fits in with the strategic goal and priorities of the urban development strategy of the City of Zadar, we believe that the funds for financing the financing of this important project will be secured through the ITU mechanism funded from EU funds.

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