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The publicly accessible web portal represents a unique point of access to electronic services of the City of Zadar. The platform is designed with the aim of simplifying and speeding up communication between citizens and the city administration along with its related companies.

Currently, there are 25 digitized services available to citizens, covering  over 90% of all requests that users have addressed to the city administration.

Access to the system is through the e-Citizens platform, using the NIAS authentication that supports access through about 20 different credentials. Through the e-Citizens platform or the personal user mailbox of each citizen (OKP), the system is further integrated with the city's e-Business system and the city of Zadar's registry office through e-Registry.

To fully use the system, it is necessary to complete the entire registration process and enter your own email address to receive notifications from the system.

The system allows users to track the progress of their cases at any time, access delivered documents, and receive system notifications. It also enables officials in the city administration to deliver documents to users as needed. An additional convenience is the ability for users to submit requests on behalf of themselves, their minor children, or on behalf of a legal entity where they are authorized or have been authorized to do so.

The system is constantly being upgraded with new services, and the ultimate goal is the "virtual city administration", i.e., the gradual digitization of all city services, related companies, and institutions so that citizens can easily, quickly, and transparently access all the services these institutions can provide in one place.

Here are the services available to citizens of Zadar in digital form through the portal:

1 - Taxi License
2 - Financial card of the City of Zadar
3 - Participatory budgeting
4 - Assistance for newborns
5 - Extension of working hours
6 - Change of municipal fee payer
7 - Scholarships for students
8 - Subsidy for kindergarten expenses
9 - Entering a vehicle into the "Peninsula" pedestrian zone
10 - Determining a building plot
11 - Access to case files
12 - Issuing a copy
13 - Finality clause
14 - Location information
15 - Purpose of cadastral parcel
16 - Notification of the start of construction based on the main project
17 - Notification of the start of construction based on the building permit
18 - Notification of the start of building removal
19 - Access to information
20 - Amendment or correction of information
21 - Reuse of information
22 - Public event maintenance
23 - Entering a vehicle into the "Silba" pedestrian zone
24 - Debris statement
25 - Placing advertisements


    Unaprjeđenje web stranice sufinancirano je sredstvima poslovne konkurentnosti iz Operativnog programa Konkurentnost i kohezija, iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj.