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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

We are...

A well-organized, innovative, and technologically oriented company focused on supporting entrepreneurs and developing modern information and telecommunication services, primarily for the needs of the City of Zadar and companies and institutions in its (co)ownership.

A company that provides maximum support to entrepreneurs in the initial stages of their business.

A company that offers comprehensive business solutions based on top-notch services and leading global technologies.

A company that ensures its employees realize their full potential through personal and professional development and, in an environment of trust and collaboration, builds a successful business story based on knowledge and work as the core values of the community.

Our goals....

We support the development of SMEs through the modernization of existing and the development of new business infrastructure.

We encourage an "excellence mindset" among entrepreneurs.

We foster collaboration with the local technology and startup community, scientific and educational institutions and the civil sector.

We successfully achieve the key project goals of the City of Zadar and are the leader in the informatization of the local government system.

We are developing Digital Zadar on our own infrastructure.

We conceptualize, test, and implement smart solutions for managing urban infrastructure.

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