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ICT infrastructure and services

ICT infrastructure and services

ICT infrastructure and services

The backbone of the city's ICT infrastructure is formed by over 72 km of its own optical network, which connects 115 urban locations including municipal institutions, utility companies, organizations, schools, city server rooms or "cluster" servers, WiFi and IoT access points, cameras, and more.

Given its availability and data transmission capacity, this network enables tremendous possibilities for the development of various ICT solutions and significant cost savings in connectivity expenses. This is because the services provided by this network are typically paid to telecommunications operators by other cities. In this regard, the city of Zadar is practically independent of telecommunications operators, which is a distinction few cities in Croatia can boast.

Numerous ICT services have been built upon this network, which ultimately Inovativni Zadar provides to most of the institutions connected to the network. These services include internet access, interconnecting locations, IP telephony, virtual server rentals, customized software development, and more.

The city's optical network has also facilitated the development of municipal wireless networks (WiFi and IoT), which utilize the same network for connecting their access points and base stations. Additionally, it has supported the implementation of the city's video surveillance systems, which require high-speed transmission connections for reliable operation.

Inovativni Zadar is registered with HAKOM to provide the following ICT services:

  • Duct leasing service
  • Fixed electronic communication network internet access service

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