"Do you want to live better and work smarter, not just harder? Come to the Entrepreneurial Incubator Bili Brig on March 21st for a conference on burnout and learn how to improve your business and life.

"We're running in circles and working the way we know until we reach the breaking point. Fatigue turns into chronic exhaustion, and exhaustion into health problems and a loss of motivation and satisfaction, both in work and life. We can do better, but only if we learn how because without opening new perspectives, there's no progress," says Izabela Laura, a Zadar-based entrepreneur, the initiator, and organizer of the conference.

Through collaboration with Innovative Zadar, a co-organizer of the conference, the Entrepreneurial Incubator Bili Brig will host six top-notch speakers from all parts of Croatia who will dissect the burnout syndrome inside out.

Frane Herenda, a pharmacist and phytoaromatherapist who has further educated himself in the field of treating burnout in recent years, will discuss how burnout occurs, what it does to our bodies, and how to help.

Another well-known face from Zadar, psychotherapist Irena Jurjević, will explain why burnout occurs and how to calm the resulting fire.

Dr. Josip Karuc, a kinesiotherapist and entrepreneur, will explain why physical activity is a great ally in the fight against burnout.

From Oxford, Petra Novak, a landscape designer, will reveal how the space we work in affects our mood, stress levels, and productivity.

Business mentor, coach, and serial entrepreneur Andreja Rambrot Malenica will talk about a crucial topic for all entrepreneurs, which is boundaries as a key factor of freedom in entrepreneurship.

Dijana Ferković, an economist and author of the popular book "Novac: materino uputstvo za uporabu" (Money: Mother's Manual for Use), will discuss how money doesn't have to be a problem and what we can do to be at peace with our finances.

Conference participants can also expect a moderated panel discussion where entrepreneurs will openly discuss their experiences with burnout.

Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to each speaker during Q&A sessions and network with other entrepreneurs during breaks and snacks where they can also enjoy "smart" coffee with mushrooms.

"The goal is to open an honest dialogue, a discussion on a topic faced by almost every entrepreneur, as well as other working people. We're especially pleased that the conference is taking place in the new incubator, which we want to become precisely that—a meeting place, networking hub, and educational center for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial-minded individuals," says the team from Innovative Zadar.

The conference wouldn't be possible without the support of Zadar-based entrepreneurs who have recognized the value of this story, primarily Zone Plus, Cognisma, and Adria Concepta. Organizers also thank Solana Nin, Paška sirana, Panacea, OPG Matulić, and Vinarija Fiolić, as well as Mushroom Cups, whose products conference participants will enjoy.

"If you're close to your breaking point in your work and life, or if you've already crossed it, come to the conference 'Work smarter, live better' on March 21st and learn how to prevent burnout from ever happening to you again," says Izabela Laura, who has experienced burnout herself.

Learn more about the conference at the official website, where you can also get your tickets.

See you at the new Entrepreneurial Incubator Bili Brig on March 21st, and let's learn how to work and do business smarter!

Learn more about the conference: https://www.radipametnije.eu/&... and get your tickets on time!