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New incubator Bili Brig

New incubator Bili Brig

New incubator Bili Brig

Construction of a new incubator "Bili Brig"


In progress


EU funds, ITU mechanism, Business infrastructure development (ERDF, OP Competitiveness and Cohesion - 2014-2020)


3.256.915,73 EUR of which non-refundable EU amount to 2.436.479,96 EUR


City of Zadar


SMEs from the Zadar area, student population, educational institutions, business advisors, mentors, local community


The project involves the construction and equipping of a new business incubator building in Zadar, with a gross floor area of 2000 m2, in Bili Brig.

The aim is to expand the existing capacity of entrepreneurial infrastructure and improve support services by constructing a new complex - a specialized incubator for high-value-added sectors. The incubator's task is to provide various services and create professional support for start-ups developing innovative products, as well as small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in their development and exploitation of the region's potential in the following areas of activity:

  • ICT
  • Professional, scientific and technical activities, research and development
  • Small-scale production (electronic, computer equipment, etc.)
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
  • Creative industries (film, video, photography production, publishing, design, web portals, project management)
  • Production and services of an ecological nature
  • Engineering, industrial automation
  • Innovative tourism
  • Business consulting

          The entrepreneurial incubator will offer a comprehensive package of business support services for successful start-up, growth and development of companies, from the very entrepreneurial idea to global company growth. The main groups of activities in the entrepreneurial incubator would be:

          • activities that strengthen entrepreneurial culture and encourage innovation 
          • provision of support services for launching innovative start-up companies 
          • support for existing companies in their growth and development, and breakthrough into global markets
          • support and assistance in association of SMEs into clusters, associations, cooperatives, for achieving synergistic effect and easier access to global markets, strengthening market potential, mutual cooperation and support

          The services of the new incubator for start-ups and other SMEs include:

          • modern equipped space; offices, workshops, meeting and presentation spaces are flexible, cost-effective and offer the possibility of permanent or occasional use 
          • basic services; administrative services, shared reception, LAN and other office equipment, internet and telephone, canteen services 
          • business consulting; education, financing and development of entrepreneurial ideas
          New incubator Bili Brig

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