The assembly of the municipal company Inovativni Zadar d.o.o. accepted the request for a mutual termination of the employment contract of the company's director, Alan Kociper, during today's session.

"Inovativni Zadar is a successful municipal company entirely dedicated to entrepreneurship in Zadar, with a focus on providing various forms of support to newly established companies and businesses in Zadar. Inovativni Zadar also consistently implements processes of digitization and informatization for the City of Zadar. Alan Kociper and his small team have made a significant contribution to all these efforts. I respect his need for new business challenges and wish him success in his future career. Unfortunately, this departure also indicates the imbalance in material conditions in the private and public sectors, regardless of the stimulating business environment. Fortunately, a quality team remains behind, which will complete the ongoing processes of establishing the new Entrepreneurial Incubator and the Economic Zone Crno, and continue to expand the network of innovative public IT services for the citizens of Zadar" - emphasized Mayor Branko Dukić, thanking the outgoing director for the achieved results.

Kociper himself stated that the reasons for his departure are related to new business opportunities and challenges.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the development and organization of the company Inovativni Zadar d.o.o. as part of the City of Zadar system. Through the design and implementation of many publicly beneficial projects, I have contributed to the development of my city. The reasons that motivated me to make this decision are exclusively related to new business opportunities and challenges that have arisen. The completion of the EU project for the construction of a new entrepreneurial incubator on Bilom brigu achieved all the key goals defined by the mission and vision of the business during the transformation of the company in 2015, concluding a demanding and intensive period of the company's development. The company has significantly grown and operates stably on solid foundations. Therefore, I felt that this was a favorable moment to use my multidisciplinary and years of work experience to seek new motives and business challenges by returning to the real sector," said Kociper.

Ivica Katić, head of the entrepreneurship support sector at Inovativni Zadar d.o.o. and former head of the Administrative Department for Economy of the City of Zadar, has been appointed acting director of the company Inovativni Zadar.

Among other decisions of the Assembly, it was decided to determine the amount of rent in business premises managed by Inovativni Zadar d.o.o. The subsidized rental price paid by users of the incubation program in the Entrepreneurial Incubator Novi Bokanjac remains unchanged at €4/m², and the rental price in the new Entrepreneurial Incubator Bili Brig has been set at €5/m².

Currently, there are 23 economic entities operating in the Incubator on Novi Bokanjac, while more than 80 entrepreneurs have expressed interest in using the business infrastructure in the new incubator on Bilom Brigu. Additionally, more than 60 potential investors have shown interest in purchasing land and investing in the business zone Crno. All of this indicates that Zadar currently enjoys a favorable entrepreneurial environment, further stimulated by the City of Zadar through activities and projects that support it.