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Incubator Novi Bokanjac

Incubator Novi Bokanjac

Apply via the link BECOME A RESIDENT and become a member of the inspiring community of entrepreneurs at the Entrepreneurial Incubator of Inovativni Zadar in Novi Bokanjac!




The Entrepreneurial Incubator in Novi Bokanjac consists of 28 business spaces of various sizes and purposes. On the ground floor, there are production halls ranging from 34 m2 to 96 m2, while on the upper floors, there are business offices ranging from 18 m2 to 64 m2.

The incubator has a Conference hall with a capacity of 50 people, a meeting room with a capacity of 8 people, a computer classroom, a lounge area on the terrace, a freight elevator, and 2 tea kitchens.

Within the incubator, there is a 3D LAB space for digital production equipped with a laser engraver, 3D printer, and 3D scanner.

External membership in the incubator allows users to access the Virtual Office service, register a company or trade at the incubator's address, and receive mail services.



Click on the link BECOME A RESIDENT and fill out the online application form that is open year-round. Candidates are ranked based on the points they have earned. If all spaces in the incubator are occupied, candidates are placed on a waiting list. When a space in the incubator becomes available, all candidates who have earned at least 50% of the points based on their application form are invited for an interview.

The contract for using incubation services is signed with the entrepreneur or project team that has received the highest points in the evaluation process.



Incubation service involves providing expert, technical, and advisory support for launching entrepreneurial ventures, including leasing business premises on favorable terms.

The incubation program lasts for a maximum of 5 years, and our team monitors the growth and development of each business entity throughout the entire incubation period.

Depending on the length of the user's stay in the incubator, they are entitled to support in the form of co-financing the price of using business premises. In the first year of stay, the subsidy amount is a maximum of 100%. The subsidy amount decreases every year, and in the last year of the stay, the user pays the full rental price without a subsidy.



  • Subsidized rental price of business premises 
  • Access to space 24/7 and free parking 
  • Company or trade seat registration at the incubator's address
  • Free use of the conference hall, meeting room, and computer classroom 
  • Business counseling, education, and networking with other entrepreneurs, investors, and support institutions

Incubator Novi Bokanjac
Incubator Novi Bokanjac
Incubator Novi Bokanjac

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