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Information access

Information access

The aim of the Law on the Right to Access Information (NN 25/13, 85/2015, 69/2022is to enable and ensure the exercise of the right to access information as well as the reuse of information by individuals and legal entities through the openness and transparency of the actions of public authorities.

Public authorities are obligated to provide access to requested information or disclose information independently, regardless of a specific request, when such disclosure is required by law or other regulations.

A request for access to information can be submitted in one of the following ways:

By mail or in person to the address: Inovativni Zadar d.o.o. Information Officer Grgura Budislavića 99 23 000 Zadar By email at: 

Information Officer: Contact: +385 23 627 791 Email: Working hours: 8 AM - 4 PM

Public authorities will deny access to information if the information is classified with a level of secrecy in accordance with the law and/or a general act enacted based on the law governing data confidentiality, or if it is protected by the law regulating the area of personal data protection (Law on the Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation - NN 42/2018).

Users can exercise their right to access information by submitting an oral or written request to the competent authority (the information officer).

If the request is made orally or over the phone, an official note will be prepared, and if it is made electronically, it will be considered as a written request.

Users of the right to access information are exempt from paying administrative fees.

Public authorities have the right to reimbursement of actual material costs from users that result from providing information, as well as reimbursement of the costs of delivering the requested information, in accordance with the Criteria for Determining the Amount of Reimbursement for Actual Material Costs and Delivery Costs of Information (NN 12/14, 15/14, 141/22 - consolidated text).

The public authority will provide the information to the user upon receiving proof of payment..

You can download request forms for access to information from the official website of the Commissioner for Information of the Republic of Croatia:

Instructions, Guidelines, Forms - Povjerenik za informiranje (


In order to achieve more transparent business operations, Innovative Zadar has enabled suppliers to access payment information through the application: Transparent Budget.

All payments made starting from October 1, 2023, are visible in the application.

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