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Wireless network

Wireless network

The city of Zadar has been continuously investing in the development and maintenance of its own wireless network (WiFi) for years. The primary role of this network is to provide citizens and visitors of Zadar with free access to the internet at particularly attractive locations in the city where a large number of residents and tourists gather, such as squares and promenades.

The network was initially developed in the area of the old city center and gradually expanded to other parts of the city according to the needs and available financial resources. In addition to enriching the city's tourism offer, the development of this network is part of a broader strategy for the development of the city's telecommunications and information infrastructure and services, aiming to bring the city administration closer to the contemporary needs of its citizens through online services.

Over 85% of access points are interconnected into a unified system (or one large HOT SPOT) with the same SSID - "Grad_Zadar_Free", allowing users to have uninterrupted internet access throughout the coverage area. Internet usage is entirely free, and the browsing speed is limited to 5/5 Mbps (download/upload) per user.

On average, there are more than 6,000 unique connections per day through 160 access points located at numerous public city locations, including all city islands and 25 city buses.

Adding to this, there are over 2,000 unique daily connections to 188 access points at 9 locations of the wireless network of the University of Zadar, financed by the City of Zadar and built and maintained by Inovativni Zadar. With pride, it can be said that the City of Zadar has one of the largest and most extensively used public wireless networks for free internet access in the country, and it continues to expand and modernize each year.

Wireless network

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